Service Offerings

Dr. Barton is happy to answer any questions, big or small.


Educator Development

Educator development programs are designed to equip teachers and school faculty to lead students in one or more of these four areas:

·Taking chances with others-fostering supportive classroom communities built on mutual respect and collaboration.

·Taking chances on yourself-teaching positive character development and sense of self-worth through focusing on student strengths and passions.

·Taking chances for the future-developing goal-setting, planning, and organization skills.

·Taking chances for someone else-cultivating a mindset that values service to others.

Educators will walk away with strategies to implement in the classroom to develop student growth in each of these areas.  The outcome is an environment where students feel safe, are engaged in learning, experience connectedness with adults and peers, and feel supported.

With strategies in place, students’ confidence will increase and their willingness to take a chance on new learning adventures and rigorous academic content will grow.

Dr. Barton will model several cooperative learning activities and community building lessons. Ideas will be shared for how to adapt games as vehicles for academic content to increase student engagement.

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Barton is available for speaking engagements.  Her motivational talks can be tailored to meet the needs of your organization as she shares stories, experiences, and strategies that inspire your audience.

Topics may include:

·Making the most of the chances that come along.

·Encouraging people to take strategic risks in setting and achieving goals.

·The privilege and responsibility of leading students in today’s society.

·Using personal passions as motivation in the workplace or classroom.

·Capitalizing on the power of relationships to maximize student success.

·Removing the limitations that keep students from succeeding.

·Teamwork and building a sense of community.

Custom Coaching

Dr. Barton will meet with administrators to custom design a research-driven program to maximize faculty impact on student success. She will evaluate school systems and faculty, and design coaching specific to each school.

Administrator and teacher professional coaching provides a platform for self-reflection.  Reflection, when practiced effectively, allows an individual the opportunity to examine one’s self, look at data, listen to feedback, and adjust — utilizing best-practice research. 

Dr. Barton will demonstrate a responsible coaching model that will assist individuals in meeting their individual potential. 

Given her vast experience at many levels, Dr. Barton is able to support staff members from a balanced and principled perspective. 

Areas of focus may include: setting mission and vision statements, fostering teamwork among teachers, increasing student engagement, communicating with parents and stakeholders, mentoring and modeling for teachers who need extra support, and capitalizing on high-performing teachers by keeping them inspired while the staff around them soars to that level.