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From Dr. Barton’s Colleagues…


“Dr. Barton was the principal who motivated me to grow as an educator so that I could deliver high quality instruction to my students.  Her leadership in classroom innovation and rigorous curriculum development set the tone for our high-achieving student body.”

— Former teacher

“Dr. Barton led by example as a principal.   She was a servant leader who took care of staff and students alike.   She extended grace while encouraging all in the educational system to do more, push harder, and support each other.   Dr. Barton could see more potential within the school than many others could.  I was able to grow as an educator and as a person due to her gracious support and leadership.”

— former teacher

“Dr. Barton was very instrumental in helping me see my leadership potential with her supportive words and the programs she implemented.   While working under Dr. Barton, she encouraged me to begin an after school program, as well as checked in on my progress.   She allowed my creativity to shine, all the while providing me a platform to grow.”

— former teacher

“Dr. Barton is the most supportive administrator I know.   She was always there to help and support me within my role.   I always felt she had my back and was there to give me that gentle nudge when needed, but I knew I could take the risk with her support.   She formed who I am today!”

— former colleague


“Dr. Barton is a true visionary.   She drives student success and believes in high expectations for staff.  Every report she made to the school board was done in a professional and competent manner.   I highly recommend, Dr. Andra Barton.”

— former school board member

“Dr. Barton is a passionate, dedicated, and extremely knowledgeable in utilizing resources to differentiate instruction for each student.”

— former administrator

“Dr. Barton was a kid-centric leader.   The level of care and detail that she put into the students’ total well-being was unlike anything I’ve seen as a parent.  No detail was too small to warrant her attention.   Dr. Barton had high expectations for staff and students which helped to draw out their very best.”

— former parent

“Dr. Barton epitomizes the caring administrator; she made all her decisions based on the best interests of the kids.  She showed true compassion and caring by truly being invested in their lives: going to their games, helping them get into college by writing letters for them and even assisting them with applications and application fees, and continuing to stay in touch with them beyond high school.  Dr. Barton is a fixer!  She turned our school around.  She came in like a breath of fresh air and hired new teachers, motivated the existing teachers, aligned the curriculum, and got things moving in the right direction.  It is a completely different program now, for the better!”

— former parent